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Today storm Louis passes over our province. The RMI forecasts strong winds (5-6 Beaufort) and at the coast even very strong to stormy winds (7-8 Beaufort). The most intense gusts can be expected in the late afternoon and especially this evening.

Fietsen in Brugge over de Molenbrug

You can get to very different places by bike than by car. Compact and green, Bruges is an ideal city to explore by bike. Criss-cross with your bike through Bruges' urban districts, or be more adventurous and head off into Bruges' woods and wetlands. Bike checkpoint maps and signposted (themed) routes guide you through the wider region, all the way to the Coast. Or you can go for a guided cycling tour, for a smoothly running city trip.

Cycling in the city

Bruges is small-scale, compact and ‘walkable'. But if you want to venture off the beaten track, cycling is the ideal means of transport. On a bike, you can quickly get to calmer residential areas, the City Ramparts and the mills. Cycle around the city or criss-cross the various city quarters in search of museums and attractions. A feast for the eyes guaranteed.

St Anne's Quarter

A convivial residential area with labourers' cottages and green corners. St Anne's, in the north-east of the city, embodies the calm of Bruges. Bordered by the water of the Langerei on the one side, by the City Ramparts on the other. Hidden nooks and green spaces abound, including: 


St Giles’ district

St Giles’ district stretches out to the north of the Gouden-Handrei. In the 15th century, this neighbourhood had many inns and bathhouses. Its residents were mostly artists, hence its name: the 'artists' quarter'. Here you can enjoy strolling through picturesque winding streets, in the shadow of the village church. On the way, definitely visit: 


West Bruges district

Spread your wings a bit. Leave 't Zand Square behind for a while and explore the West Bruges district. In the 19th century, this part of the city became rather isolated from the rest of the centre. But that's all in the past now. You'll quickly discover why so many people love it when you visit the West Bruges district for yourself. You'll discover an abundance of green spaces along the least well-known part of the City Ramparts, and a few hidden gems, including: 


Along the City Ramparts

With 26 hectares of green space and over 3,000 trees, the City Ramparts form a broad, urban green belt. With the protected cityscape as a fairy-tale backdrop, the ramparts form the ideal cycling route. On the dedicated cycle route on the city walls, you can enjoy a circular tour of Bruges. You have over 7 km to marvel at Bruges' splendour. Feast your eyes on: 


Fietsen in Lissewege

Cycling in Bruges' woods and wetlands

In Bruges' woods and wetlands, the green region around Bruges, the pace of life is a little slower. By bike, you can traverse the greenery here in complete tranquillity, including forests with castles and abbeys, fresh farm products and friendly villagers. There's something new to discover in every season.

Marked bike routes

Of course, you can always explore Bruges' woods and wetlands on your own, by bike. But you might prefer to have a few pointers, so you can get the most out of your visit. Then there'll definitely be a bike route tailored to your preferences. 

  • Groene Gordel Brugge (“Bruges’ Green Belt”) 
    53 km of cycling pleasure around World Heritage City Bruges, past forests, castle parks, open landscapes, villages and canals. Relax at one of the picnic areas, play areas and green spaces. 

  • Uitwijken-fietsroute (“Suburban bike route”) 
    Are you familiar with Bruges' suburbs? The free bike and walking map Uitwijken (Suburbs), a Brugge Plus initiative that brings culture to the neighbourhoods, lets you get acquainted with various hidden spots just outside the historic city centre. Choose either the advanced 78 km bike circuit, or one of the 3 smaller circuits. You will also find 5 walks on this map. 

  • Kunst op de kaart-route West-Vlaanderen (“Art on the map-route West Flanders”) 
    Discover and rediscover top artworks and hidden gems in Bruges and the region while cycling. This bike route combines art, city, water and beach. You can stop pedalling to take it all in.


Cycling network maps

The cycling network map of Bruges' woods and wetlands gives you access to a complete network of no less than 930 km. You simply map out your own bike route and enjoy what each checkpoint has to offer. Endless possibilities for cycling fun!

Fietsen in het Brugse Ommeland - Jan Darthet

Want to ride on?

Still want to keep cycling even after Bruges' woods and wetlands? We understand that. You can find even more cycling maps at Westtoer's online store. Or you can map out your own route using the online cycling route planner for West Flanders.


Fietsen aan de Kust in Zeebrugge - Jan Darthet

Cycling along the Coast

Soaking up the salty sea air, strolling on the promenade or cycling through the dunes: barely 16 km from Bruges is Zeebrugge. You'll immediately fall for the charms of the Coast . Although only 60 km long, the Belgian coast has a lot of surprises in store. In fact, every coastal municipality has its own identity. By bike, sample the different vibes as you further explore the coastline.

Mapped cycling routes

The Coast has a great deal to offer. Taking in all its beauty is easier with a proverbial guide by your side, in the form of a mapped cycling tour. 

  • Strandfietsroute (“Beach cycling route”) 
    The new signposted Strandfietsroute takes you safely by bike from Bruges to Zeebrugge beach and back. Indeed, everyone should get the chance to discover the widest stretch of beach on the Flemish coast and the cosy marina at the old Vismijn (Fish Auction). 

  • Beau Séjour movie map  
    The 2nd season of the successful Flemish series Beau Séjour was largely filmed in Zeebrugge. Bruges and Lissewege also had starring roles in the story. All these film locations in Bruges are brought together on a fascinating bike tour, following in the footsteps of the cast and crew. How many locations do you recognise? 


Cycling network maps

How about some relaxation with the wind in your hair? The Cycling Network Map Coast promises hours of cycling fun along the sea and beach, through dunes and nature reserves, in lively seaside resorts and coastal towns, and through the flat and green polders of the hinterland.

Fietsen op de dijk van Zeebrugge - Jan Darthet

Want to ride on?

Still want to keep cycling along the Coast? We understand that. You can find even more cycling maps at Westtoer's online store. Or you can map out your own route using the online cycling route planner for West Flanders.

Iconic routes and more

The Flemish Iconic Routes offer literally hundreds of kilometres of cycling fun. Via well-maintained bike paths and based on a central theme, each iconic bike route brings together the most beautiful bits of the Flemish landscape. The routes are fully signposted, in both directions. Where do you want to start or arrive, and in which direction will you set off? It's entirely up to you. Here's a few tips for starters: 

  • Kunststedenroute (“Art Cities Route) 
    The Kunststedenroute  takes you over 332 km, past Brussels, Leuven, Mechelen, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges and Ostend. A network of canals, rivers and old railway lines connect the centuries-old heritage in and around these cities. With forts, churches and a whole lot of art. 

  • Kustroute (“Coastal Route”) 
    Do you want to combine nature, culture and maritime history? And you're not put off by the salty sea breeze? The Kustroute  will quench your cycling thirst, over a length of 85 km. Extra tip: make it a two-day trip and ride with the wind at your back. 

  • Vlaanderenroute (“Flanders Route”) 
    Would you rather not have to choose between the highlights from all corners of Flanders? With a length of 952 km, the Vlaanderenroute takes you past all the memorable sites. From rolling farmland to iconic art towns and historic villages to the sea. And from the saddle, you experience each new location to the fullest. 

  • Eurovelo 12: Noordzee-fietsroute (“Eurovelo 12: North Sea cycling route”) 
    The Eurovelo 12 Noordzee-fietsroute  is one of the most popular European routes, covering 7,050 km. In Belgium, the route will take you through ’t Zwin nature park, which generated wealth and prosperity for Bruges in the Middle Ages. Borderless cycling fun guaranteed. 

Guided cycling tours

Need a bit more explanation along the way, or just pleasant company with an expert? An experienced bike guide is happy to cycle along with you. Book a guided cycling tour with Fietskoetsen Brugge, QuasiMundo Bike Tours, Steershop biketours, Pink Bear Bike Tours, Green Bike Tours or Retro Biketours Bruges. The 3 guide associations in Bruges Koninklijke Gidsenbond Brugge (Bruges Guides), Hello Bruges and S-wan Guides with a twist also offer several guided bike tours, or devise a customised bike tour for you.

QuasiMundo Biketours: Het Ommeland per fiets (Bruges’ wood- and wetlands by bike)

QuasiMundo Biketours: Het Ommeland per fiets (Bruges’ wood- and wetlands by bike)

A tour through Bruges’ wet- and woodlands, passing through medieval towns such as Damme, peaceful Flemish agrarian villages and dead...
Predikherenstraat 28, 8000 Brugge
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