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During Bruges’ Golden Age, the 15th century, the fine arts prevailed. In the wake of the prestigious Burgundian dynasty, the great Flemish Primitives made a name for themselves. The world-renowned works of Jan Van Eyck, Hans Memling and those of other prominent Flemish Masters can be admired at the Groeninge Museum, Museum St John’s Hospital, St Saviour’s Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady.  Michelangelo’s world famous ‘Madonna and Child’ can also be found in the Church of Our Lady. 

Schermafbeelding van

Get closer to Memling than ever before

During the Decoding Memling investigation, the paintings by Hans Memling were photographed in high detail. This led to some fantastic images. Get to know the paintings' stories through the many unseen details, or find out more about the investigation and the techniques.

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