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Rijksarchief aan de Predikherenrei in Brugge

Triennial Bruges is the three-yearly open-air route for contemporary art and architecture in the World Heritage City. But you don't have to wait that long to catch a glimpse of modern Bruges. Moving contemporary art, innovative architecture and challenging murals are scattered far and wide. Some you can't miss; others are well-hidden. What do they have in common? You visit them every day of the year.

Voetgangersbruggen langs Smedenpoort (Footbridges at the Blacksmith's Gate)

Voetgangersbruggen langs Smedenpoort (Footbridges at the Blacksmith's Gate)

Time has not stood still in Bruges, and so it happens that the medieval access roads are not always fit for 21st century traffic. It became...
Smedenstraat , 8000 Brugge
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Street art with a capital S

Street art has claimed its place in the Bruges street scene and is here to stay. Art with both feet in the now. The past is often peeping around the corner, though. The imposing murals might startle you out of the blue, or you could go out and find them with a route map!