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Today storm Louis passes over our province. The RMI forecasts strong winds (5-6 Beaufort) and at the coast even very strong to stormy winds (7-8 Beaufort). The most intense gusts can be expected in the late afternoon and especially this evening.

Markt (Market Square)
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The beating heart of Bruges has long been dominated by the Belfry, 83 metres high and the city’s most prominent building. Those who climb to the top of the Belfry are rewarded with a breath-taking panorama. In the Market Square itself, marvel at the imposing Provincial Court and the many colourful stepped gables, and maybe you’ll hop in for a carriage ride. This is, after all, the place where the coachmen wait, just to complete the picture.

Getting there

Markt /, 8000 Brugge

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Nearest station:
Station Brugge

Nearest parking:
Centrum-'t Zand car park

Markt (Market Square)

Markt /, 8000 Brugge

Hartelijk Brugge
Stadswandeling met gids "Hartelijk Brugge" Visit Bruges | Jan Darthet

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