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Kapucijnenplein (Capuchins’ Square)
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If you’re searching for a peaceful place to rest by the water in the heart of the city, head for the small but delightful Capuchins’ Square. You’ll find it in the shadow of the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall), just by King Albert I park. Settle down on one of the benches by the water, take a seat on a terrace or study the colourful street art depicting the four ‘Fools of Bruges’, a reference to the nickname given to Bruges’ residents.

Getting there

Westmeers , 8000 Brugge

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Nearest bus stop:
512080 Brugge 't Zand

Nearest station:
Station Brugge

Nearest parking:
Centrum-'t Zand car park

Kapucijnenplein (Capuchins’ Square)

Westmeers , 8000 Brugge

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