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The football temple of Bruges is undoubtedly the Jan Breydel Stadium. Built in 1974, the sports complex can accommodate some 29,000 spectators who come along and cheer on their favourite team. In the appropriate colour combination of course, as it is the home of the two Bruges football teams: Club Brugge (Blue-Black) and Cercle Brugge (Green-Black).

Club Brugge
Club Brugge, founded in 1891 as the ‘Brugsche Football Club’, has been playing continuously in Belgium's highest football league since 1959. With an impressive record of 18 national titles, 16 super cups, 11 cups and several legendary Champions League victories, the Blue-Blacks have left their mark on the international football map. But Club Brugge is about more than just football. At the Club Shops in the stadium and in downtown Bruges, you can express your love for the team by purchasing their contemporary clothing line. Interested in the ins and outs of such an international football stadium? The Stadium Tour will take you behind the scenes for 90 minutes. From the players' tunnel to the VIP boxes. Serious facts about the Club are guaranteed!

Cercle Brugge
Cercle Brugge, founded in 1899, is one of the oldest football clubs in Belgium. They were the first Flemish national champions in 1911 and nowadays have 3 national titles and 2 cup victories to their name. Tradition is paramount and the Green-Blacks are therefore very popular, especially amongst the locals. It is sometimes said that a true citizen of Bruges supports Cercle. Visitor experience is also a high priority at Cercle. For example, there is a fan shop, you can attend training sessions and stadium tours are organised that take you to places you would otherwise never go.

Opening hours

Visit by appointment. This can be done within the hours listed above, or you can agree on a time by mutual agreement with the business owner.

Getting there

Koning Leopold III-laan 50, 8000 Brugge

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Nearest bus stop:
502396 Sint Andries Kerk

Nearest station:
Station Brugge

Jan Breydelstadion (Jan Breydel Stadium)

Koning Leopold III-laan 50, 8000 Brugge

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