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Hemelrijk and Oliebaan
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Together, Hemelrijk and the Oliebaan form a unique corner of Bruges. In Hemelrijk you'll find an unpaved country road, complete with potholes and ruts, without houses, but bordered by a brick wall just too high to peep over. At first glance the Oliebaan seems just the same, but take a stroll through it and spot the differences. In the distance, you can see the Major Seminary from both, the only orientation point. In short, a spot far from the inhabited world.

Getting there

Hemelrijk , 8000 Brugge

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Nearest bus stop:
502145 Brugge Snaggaardbrug

Nearest station:
Station Brugge

Nearest parking:
Langestraat car park

Hemelrijk and Oliebaan

Hemelrijk , 8000 Brugge

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