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Godshuizen (Almshouses)
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These charitable dwellings were built from the 14th century onwards. They were sometimes set up by the guilds to lodge their elderly members, and sometimes by widows or well-to-do burghers who wanted to ensure their place in heaven. In order to secure their spot, each set of almshouses had its own chapel, in which the inhabitants were morally obliged to offer prayers of thanks to heaven. Practically all of the almshouses have been carefully restored and modernised and offer cosy living to today’s elderly, whilst their small yet picturesque gardens and white-painted façades offer welcoming peace and quiet to the present-day visitor. Feel free to enter these premises, but don’t forget to respect their perfect tranquillity.

These are a few very lovely blocks of almshouses: 

  • De Meulenaere and Sint-Jozef (Nieuwe Gentweg 8-22),
  • Sint-Joosgodshuis (Ezelstraat 83-105)
  • Godshuis De Vos (Noordstraat 6-14)
  • O.L.V.-van-Blindekens (Kreupelenstraat 12-16)
  • De Pelikaan (Groenerei 8/1-4)
  • Zorghe, Paruitte and Schippers (Stijn Streuvelsstraat)
  • Van Volden and De Moor (Boeveriestraat 50-76)
  • Het Rooms Convent (Katelijnestraat 9-19)
  • De Vette Vispoort (Moerstraat 10)

Getting there

Nieuwe Gentweg 22, 8000 Brugge

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Station Brugge

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Katelijne car park

Godshuizen (Almshouses)

Nieuwe Gentweg 22, 8000 Brugge

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