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Visit Bruges | Jan Darthet

Nobody in Belgium was particularly surprised when UNESCO designated Belgian beer culture as Intangible Cultural Heritage. When you drink a beer here, you are tasting history. And it tastes pretty good, too! There are many breweries in Bruges and the surrounding area, ranging from the large-scale crowd-pullers to the smaller micro-breweries. Many restaurants also like to cook with local beers, creating classic recipes as well as some more contemporary dishes. Bruges even has its very own city beer – Brugse Zot. This beer became an instant classic for the people of Bruges. Add to this the many cafes with their extensive beer menus and the renowned winter beer festival and you’ve got a city simply bursting with Belgian beer culture, not to mention its great history of beer going back many centuries. 

Imagine Bruges | Gastronomie

Local breweries in Bruges

Bruges sparkles, figuratively but also literally, from the passion of the various local breweries. Get acquainted with our rich brewing history.
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