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For centuries the canals of Bruges have linked the city to the sea, a guarantee of wealth and prosperity. International merchants built up Bruges into one of the largest Hanse cities. In the 15th century the city flourished as never before. Large parts of the medieval heritage remained practically intact. Therefore, it is only logical that UNESCO designated the entire city centre as a World Heritage site. Saunter along the enigmatic canals, the arteries of the city, and immerse yourself in Bruges’ Golden Century.

Brugse Vrije

Bruges, proud of her World Heritage

Find out why Bruges has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage City.
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Bruges’ historic city centre

Here’s why Bruges is a World Heritage site!
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Beguinage as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 1998, UNESCO recognised the Bruges beguinage, along with 12 other Flemish beguinages, as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Heilig Bloedprocessie 2014

Procession of the Holy Blood

A centuries-old procession.
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Belgian Beer Culture

Beer from right here! Everything you need to know about Belgian (and Bruges!) beer culture.
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It would be impossible to imagine a Bruges without carillons. Their clear sound still rings out each day, a constant background to the rhythm of the city.
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Hanzedocument Brugge

Bruges archival documents recognised by UNESCO

Since spring 2023, a series of Bruges archival documents relating to the Hanseatic League have officially been 'UNESCO Memory of the World'. Read more about the importance of these mediaeval writings.
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