Sint-Annareibrug (Sint-Annarei Bridge)

Escape from the hustle and bustle of life on the Sint-Annarei Bridge. A place to just muse about the past. Can you see in your mind's eye a wooden bridge (14th-century), a stone bridge (16th-century) and then the current brdige (1970s) passing by? On the side of the inner city is the Verversdijk, where medieval dyers gave the famous Flemish cloth some colour. The wool came from their neighbours, the English traders around the corner. The green gate with a white grid above it belongs to the campus of the College of Europe, housed in a 17th-century former Jesuit college. The street on the right bank is called the Sint-Annarei, once quite lively with flourishing shops, breweries and hotels. A short walk to the striking St Anne's Church is a must.

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