If you feel like escaping from the city and breathing in the salty sea air, strolling along the coast or cycling through the dunes, why not take a trip to Zeebrugge, which lies on the coast just 16km from Bruges. The Belgian coast is only 60km long, yet each coastal region has its own unique identity -  from folksy to grand to chic. Grab a bike and explore some of this lovely coastline. Our tips: 

Outlined cycle routes

  • Beaufort beeldenroute (‘Beaufort sculpture route’): some of the work from previous Beaufort art projects is still on display along the coast. Some of the works are still in their original location, others have been moved. You can see them by bike, on foot or by taking the coastal tram service.
  • Strandfietsroute (‘Beach cycle route’): Safely from Bruges to the Zeebrugge beach and back by bike? You can do it with the new, sign-posted ‘Beach cycle route’. This comfortable, safe and recreational route will take you to the north of the A11 along various rural roads. Everyone is invited to come and discover the widest beach on the Flemish coast and the cosy marina at the old Vismijn (‘Fish Auction’).
  • Beau Séjour movie map: the VRT scriptwriters for the Flemish TV series Beau Séjour found their eyes drawn to Zeebrugge as the main shooting location. The various filming locations in Bruges, Lissewege and Zeebrugge were strung together into a cycle route. Cycle along in the wake of the cast and crew and see how many locations you can recognise.


Cycle network maps

Fietsnetwerkkaart Kust (‘Coastal cycle network map’): how would you like to escape for a bit with the wind in your hair? This essential map will give you hours or wonderful cycling along the coast and by the beach, through dunes and nature reserves, past lively coastal resorts and towns and through the flat, green polders of the hinterland. 

Not done cycling yet?

Can't get enough of cycling along the Coast? You can find even more cycling maps at Westtoer's online store.

Plan your route online

If you want to map out your own route at home in advance, you can easily do so with the online cycle route planner for West Flanders.