Travelling by bike a bit more often has a great many advantages: it's healthy, sociable, good for the environment and your wallet and it makes you happier. Not only that, going by bike allows you to visit places that are very different to the ones you can get to by car – which is why cycling is an ideal way to discover a city like Bruges and its surrounding area. Why not go museum-hopping by bike or ride criss-cross through the city districts of Bruges? Or seek out peace and tranquillity on a cycle ride away from the city centre? You could set out on an adventure in the Bruges region and along the Coast, using our cycling network maps showing the intersections and signposted (themed) routes. Or maybe you would prefer a guided cycling tour? No problem at all. And after an exhilarating day's cycling, you can spend the night in your choice of bike-friendly accommodation. All in all, a city break that runs on wheels!

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