Rijksarchief (State Archives)

This site on Predikherenrei and Langestraat was occupied by a Dominican monastery between the 14th century and the close of the 18th century. The Dominicans were also known as Predikheren in Dutch, hence the name of the street. Today the site is the home of the new State Archives, housed in a brand-new building that was designed by the architect Olivier Salens. The building is an architectural representation of its contents, with the facade resembling loosely stacked paper – an illusion that is bolstered by the long bricks that make up the facade cladding. The roof resembles a crumpled-up sheet of paper lying on top of the stack of paper. The 29 kilometres of archival shelving contains the archives of all the West Flanders municipalities and all the official and judicial documents for the polders and flood defence authorities, for companies and also for prominent families and politicians from the region, and much more.
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Predikherenrei 4A , Brugge