Professor Dr. J. Sebrechtsstraat (Professor Dr J. Sebrechts Street)

The Minnewater Hospital is the eye-catcher in this street. This former red-brick hospice was once home to women who were helpless and incurably ill. The name of gastrointestinal surgeon Sebrechts will remain linked to this place forever. The brilliant doctor and professor was known for his surgical excellence in the early 20th century. On his advice, the clinic was merged with the famous St John's Hospital. This was highly valued as early as the Middle Ages in Bruges, but is now located outside the city on the Sint-Jan hospital campus. After the professor's death, the former Gasthuisstraat was named after him. The clinic, a 19th-century neo-Gothic building designed by the Bruges city architect Louis Delacenserie, is today a care and retirement home. With the Lake of Love around the corner, it takes up this entire side of the street. 

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Professor Dr. J. Sebrechtsstraat - , Brugge