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Peripheral car park Coiseaukaai

The Coiseaukaai peripheral car park is at the junction of Lodewijk Coiseaukaai and Havenstraat. This car park has 75 spaces. There are 10 bicycle lockers located at the peripheral car park.

The ‘Brugge Coiseau (terminus)’ bus stop is served by bus line 2, every 10 minutes. Timetable information can be found on the ‘De Lijn’ website or at the bus stop. During the end-of-year period, public transport is also free on some days. The city centre is a 25 minute walk from the peripheral car park.

Opening hours


Available parking lots: 75

Other facilities

Bike lockers

Getting there

Lodewijk Coiseaukaai , 8000 Brugge

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Nearest bus stop:
507112 Brugge Haven

Nearest station:
Station Brugge

Peripheral car park Coiseaukaai

Lodewijk Coiseaukaai , 8000 Brugge