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Bruges invests in pleasant and practical car parks, conveniently spread out in and around the city. Plenty of parking options, so you can easily park your car and enjoy your visit. Are you staying overnight in Bruges? Definitely check with your accommodation in advance. Some lodging addresses offer private parking.

Parking is easy and free at the peripheral car parks and Park&Rides on the outskirts of the city. Peripheral car parks are within walking distance of the centre. From the Park&Rides you can quickly get to the train station (a 20-minute walk to Market Square) or ‘t Zand Square (a 10-minute walk to Market Square) by public transport.

There are also 'Blue Zones' around the city centre. With a parking disc, you can park in these zones for up to 4 hours for free, between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. Also on Sundays and public holidays

If you park in the city centre, it's best to use an underground car park. The best value car parks, with no time restrictions, are:

You can also park in the parking garages Centrum-Ezelstraat, Katelijne, Pandreitje, and Langestraat.

The underground car parks, subject to payment, in the centre of Bruges are open 24/7. Be aware that certain streets in the historic city centre are car-free or low-traffic at certain times.

Another top tip: with a parking ticket from Centrum-Station, you can pick up a free bus ticket to get to the city centre, from the ticket shop Lijnwinkel on Stationsplein or from the bus driver if the Lijnwinkel is closed. You will get bus tickets for up to 4 people per car.

Do you want to park your car above-ground in the city centre? You can park above-ground for up to 4 hours, between 9.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. The charge is € 2.50 for 1 hour, € 6.00 for 2 hours, € 10.50 for 3 hours and € 16.00 for 4 hours. You enter your number plate and pay via text message (only with a Belgian cell phone number), with the app 4411, by bank card or just cash. Be aware that certain streets in the historic city centre are car-free or low-traffic at certain times.

Staying overnight in camper vans, motorhomes, camping trailers, tents on public roads, in the forest, dunes or beach is prohibited in Bruges, except in designated areas. You can however stay overnight at 2 authorised motorhome car parks in Bruges: at the Kanaaleiland or at Camping Memling.

Where you can park your motorhome depends on its weight. Parking is prohibited in the city centre for all vehicles over 3.5 tons. Motorhomes under 3.5 tons can park in the city centre in any spot where this is not specifically prohibited. Motorhomes are also allowed to park outside the city centre where this is not specifically prohibited or where certain spaces are reserved for a specific category of vehicle (e.g., along the R30 ring road in the stretch between the  Gentpoort and the Kruispoort, at the slip road to the Speelpleinlaan).

To optimize the quality of life and perception, no coaches are allowed in the city center of Bruges. Coaches park at the coach parking at the Kanaaleiland, along the Bargeweg. This is conveniently located just outside the historic city centre, and right next to the ring road.

Groups can safely exit and enter on the reserved drop-off zone at the Bargeplein (also along the Bargeweg) on walking distance from the historic center. The Bargeplein is a much-asked starting point for guided visits. There are toilets and in case of bad weather there is a canopy for shelter.

Only coaches dropping off/collecting passengers with luggage at/from their hotel get exceptional access to the inner city. The driver must be in possession of a document proving the reservation with indication of check-in/check-out. Excursions or contemporary transfers by coach from the hotel are not allowed and are only possible with pick-up/drop-off point at Bargeplein (Kanaaleiland). The police control the strict compliance of these arrangements.

Coaches transporting visitors with mobility issues can be granted special access to the city centre as long as permission is given by the police in advance. Requests should be submitted to

Don’t forget: coaches must adhere to the rules that apply to ordinary vehicles when they enter the low-traffic zone.

There is 1 reserved parking spot for motorbikes in the city centre. This is in the Vlamingstraat near the Belgian Fries Museum (Vlamingstraat 33). There are a number of spaces here where you can park your motorbike for free.

Motorcyclists can also park their motorbikes in the car parking spaces. Where the parking is subject to payment, the parking conditions for motorbikes are the same as those for cars. Useful to know:

  • if you park several motorbikes in 1 car parking space, you only have to pay for 1 motorbike.
  • Certain streets in the historic city centre are car-free or low-traffic at certain times.

Parking underground in car parks or bike parking is not possible.

Those in possession of a European parking card for people with a disability, can above-ground park in Bruges for free and for an unlimited period in:

  • a reserved parking space for people with a disability. On (in Dutch only) you will find a handy overview of the reserved parking spaces for people with a disability. This includes information about the size, the surface of the floor and a photo of each parking space. It is easy to search using a map with search filters.
  • parking spaces in the blue zone
  • fee-paying parking spaces
  • the peripheral car parks

You are only required to pay in the public underground car parks and on the above-ground kiss-and-ride zone at Stationsplein.

The ‘Parking Guide’ for People with a Disability is a handy brochure containing information about the parking plan in Bruges and containing a card for reserved parking spaces. The brochure is only in Dutch, but the maps showing numbered reserved parking spaces will be easily understood even by non-Dutch speakers. You can view the brochure online or pick up the free brochure in the ‘Parkeerwinkel’ in the city’s administration centre: Huis van de Bruggeling, Frank Van Ackerpromenade 2 (Stationsplein).