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Oooh! Brugge

‘So lovely! Amazing! Whoa!’ Just some of the excited remarks a stay in Bruges will elicit. When you take a boat trip down romantic canals, stroll along centuries-old squares or admire countless art treasures in a museum. Wonder, amazement, inspiration. You'll experience all of them, because Bruges astounds, captivates and delights. How exactly does that feel? You'll have to experience it for yourself. And then you'll also be saying: Oooh! Bruges.

Oooh! Brugge - Brugge in 360°

Bruges in 360°

Imagine world famous classics and hidden gems.
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Oooh! Brugge - Rondom Brugge

Around Bruges

Imagine an art city surrounded by sea, polders and forests.
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Oooh! Brugge - Cultuur


Imagine culture, from Van Eyck to the Concertgebouw.
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Oooh! Brugge - Erfgoed


Imagine a world heritage site with great plans for the future.
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Gastronomie in Brugge


Imagine top gastronomy from local fast food to Michelin-starred restaurants.
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Oooh! Brugge - Overnachten


Imagine staying overnight and taking your time to enjoy Bruges.
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