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Oooh! Brugge

Imagine a world heritage site with great plans for the future

Bruges is proud of its world heritage status and its remarkable history, but that doesn’t mean the city is stuck in the past. On the contrary – as well as being rich in historical heritage, Bruges is a contemporary city with bold plans for the future. With its ground-breaking architecture, well-planned urban renewal and unique art experiences, Bruges has been buzzing with activity for hundreds of years – and that’s still very much the case today!

Imagine Bruges | Erfgoed

World Heritage Site

Discover why Bruges is so proud of its stature as a World Heritage city.
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Imagine Bruges | Erfgoed

Historical monuments and townhouses

In Bruges you will find many impressive monuments and grand city townhouses.
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Religious heritage

Discover the intriguing stories hidden behind the stone gables of Bruges’ religious heritage.
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Surprisingly contemporary

Contemporary art and architecture are flourishing in Bruges. To the point, moving, connecting. Experience modern times in a centuries-old city.
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