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Oooh! Brugge

Imagine culture, from Van Eyck to the Concertgebouw

The Flemish primitives, the world-renowned Concertgebouw, a whole range of top exhibitions – Bruges is certainly not lacking in top-quality cultural attractions. But you might also enjoy joining the locals for an intimate concert on one of Bruges’ many squares, a picnic in a museum garden or marvelling at the street art you come across as you wander around the city. From the spectacular to the low-key, Bruges has plenty of culture to keep you happy, regardless of whether you like to have everything meticulously planned in advance or you prefer to just see what you stumble upon.

Musea Brugge

Musea Brugge

With its municipal museums, Bruges has a lot to offer for culture and art enthusiasts. Find out what's waiting to be discovered and explore it yourself.
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Imagine Bruges | Erfgoed

Always something to experience: culture, heritage and nature

Museum or park, medieval or contemporary … whatever your preference, Bruges has something to offer for everyone.
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Madonna met kanunnik Joris van der Paele

The Flemish primitives

During Bruges’ Golden Age, the 15th century, the fine arts prevailed.
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Oog in Oog met de Dood

Exhibitions Musea Brugge

Musea Brugge is a great name in the world of international museums and guarantees a diverse range of exhibitions and collection displays.
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Contemporary art and architecture in Bruges

Bruges is home to tons of contemporary art and architecture, even in places you wouldn't expect. Get to know the surprising side of the city. 
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