Omookaai (Omoo Quay)

The Omookaai is situated at the end of a peninsula, right between the busy container port and the former fishermen's quarter. You will be presented with a nice view on the marina. The quay is named after the yacht ‘Omoo’, on which three Flemings made a trip around the world at the end of the 1940s, ending in Zeebrugge. Some absolute eye-catchers are the contemporary, transparent clubhouse of the Royal Belgian Sailing Club and the green-painted shrimp cutter ‘Virtus’ that was put on land as a monument to the fishermen and was originally built in Zeebrugge. Walking around further, you will notice an old ship's anchor and a cast-iron shore light that probably once stood on the bank of the first harbour channel.

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Omookaai - , Brugge