Mind the Artist

Mind the Artist

The artists of Bruges have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, so Musea Brugge has launched a new series of festivals, Mind the Artist, to give them a forum for just over a year. Until the beginning of 2022, seven artists will be given a unique opportunity to develop a project with a link to the museum collection – an inspiring dialogue between contemporary and old(er) art.

Take a look at a teaser of the exhibition Sanam Khatibi – Lemon Drizzle.


(Subject to possible changes and additions.)

Mind the Artist - Sanam Khatibi

Sanam Khatibi

From 30/04/21 to 03/10/21, Groeningemuseum

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Mind the Artist - SEADS


From 25/06/21 to 29/08/21,Sint-Janshospitaal

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Mind the Artist - Tille Pepermans

Tille Pepermans

From 24/09/21 to 21/11/21, Arentshuis

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Mind the Artist - Strook


From 29/10/21 to 06/03/22, various museum locations

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Mind the Artist - Line Boogaerts

Line Boogaerts

From 10/12/21 to 13/03/22, Arentshuis

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Mind the Artist - Delphine Lecompte

Delphine Lecompte

Museum poet for a year (2021) - various museum locations

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With its 'Mind the Artist' project, Musea Brugge gives various culture houses carte blanche to interact with its rich collection of artefacts in a multi-disciplinary way.

Mind the Artist - Take-over KAAP


From 1 May to 30 June, Musea Brugge will collaborate closely with Kunstencentrum KAAP: various concerts, presentations, performances, lectures, installations, etc.

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Mind the Artist - Take-over Mooov


During the summer months MOOOV - which brings high-quality films from around the world to cinemas in Bruges throughout the year - likes a change of scenery : large, small and experimental presentations, both indoors and outdoors, of film, video art and everything in between.

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Mind the Artist - Take-over Concertgebouw


30 September to 31 December