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Don't miss out on a visit to these shops! Discover here a great selection of authentic addresses beyond the well-trodden paths where locals enjoy visiting often. These range from established speciality businesses which have been run by passionate, local entrepreneurs for at least 5 years to original, creative Bruges makers.  And don't forget to surprise your friends back home with an original or handmade gift!

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New places to be in Bruges

Have you already heard of La Stanza di Stefanie, a small decoration shop in the heart of Bruges? Does Frederiek Van Pamel, and the eponymous design boutique which offers beautiful floral arrangements for all your very special occasions, sound familiar? Did you know that a Jüttu branch recently opened in Bruges? And do you know where to find the second store Goûts & Couleurs opened in Bruges?

My local shopping addresses in Bruges, exclusively dedicated to women

Who says weekend in Bruges, says lots of tourists…and, lots of tourists also means lots of crowded shops. The arrival of summer encourages ladies and girls to renew their wardrobe. If you look for unique items, no simple task, though!

Decorate your home with handmade stuff

The unique offer of handmade goods in the city of Bruges is spread over a number of branches – from beer and typical food to art and clothes.

Five shops for kids in Bruges that are just too cute

This time I explored the local kids shops in Bruges and here is my top five list! Check them out and you’ll agree with me that they are just too cute to be true.

The favourite addresses of Till-Holger Borchert

Till-Holger Borchert, director-general of Musea Brugge and chief curator of the Groeninge Museum, lives in Brussels but works in Bruges. He is the author of countless publications on the Flemish primitives. This year, together with Michel Dewilde, he is curator of the 2018 Triennial. Here are his best addresses.

The favourite addresses of Sonia Papili

Sonia Papili has lived in Bruges since 2006. She is a geologist with the Ministry of Defence and a tourist guide in Bruges. Here are her best addresses.