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Don't miss out on a visit to these shops! Discover here a great selection of authentic addresses beyond the well-trodden paths where locals enjoy visiting often. These range from established speciality businesses which have been run by passionate, local entrepreneurs for at least 5 years to original, creative Bruges makers.  And don't forget to surprise your friends back home with an original or handmade gift!

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Djamil Zenasni Best addresses

Djamil Zenasni is born in Oran (Algeria), came first to Brussels via France, but has been living in Bruges since 1985. Here are his best addresses.

Mirna Hidalgo Best addresses

Mirna Hidalgo is born and raised in Argentina, but led by love to Bruges. Here are her best addresses.

Ayako Ito Best addresses

Ayako Ito is born in Tokyo, moved to Antwerp in 1998 and settled in Bruges in 2017. Here are her best addresses.

The favourite addresses of Till-Holger Borchert

Till-Holger Borchert, director-general of Musea Brugge and chief curator of the Groeninge Museum, lives in Brussels but works in Bruges. He is the author of countless publications on the Flemish primitives. This year, together with Michel Dewilde, he is curator of the 2018 Triennial. Here are his best addresses.

The favourite addresses of Sonia Papili

Sonia Papili has lived in Bruges since 2006. She is a geologist with the Ministry of Defence and a tourist guide in Bruges. Here are her best addresses.