Leeuwbrug (Lion's Bridge)

The Lion's Bridge may seem tough, it is also very cuddly. This is thanks to the two - almost pussycat-like - stone lions looking towards the Belfry. Feel free to stroke them on the head. Their 17th-century front legs rest proudly on a shield with the gothic B of Bruges. This is not entirely coincidental, as a lion also appears in Bruges' coat of arms. A brave and powerful heraldic symbol on an otherwise wildly romantic bridge. Trees gently sway over the water of Speelmansrei. Here it is quiet and your gaze meets greenery wherever you look. Stop on the bumpy cobblestones and enjoy the dreamy view. The Lion's Bridge is one in a million! 

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vanaf 01-01-2021
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Leeuwstraat - , Brugge