Zeedijk (Seafront)

The seafront is undeniably ‘the place to be’ at a seaside resort. But in Zeebrugge, the seafront is just that little bit more special because of its surprising versatility. Along the first section, between the Baron de Maerelaan and the Londenstraat, you will find a number of cosy restaurants, cafés and food trucks, various shops, go-cart hire and the striking red Badengebouw (Bathing Building), where a stretch of beach next to the seafront is transformed into a real sporting and family beach in the summer. At the very beginning of the Zeedijk, you cannot possibly miss the imposing Palace Hotel – Residentie Palace (Palace Hotel – Residence Palace), an absolute eye-catcher that can also be admired from the Saint-George’s Day-wandeling (Saint-George's Day promenade). The promenade that extends from this monumental building towards the sea offers you many splendid views. 

Halfway along, from the Londenstraat, the seafront shows itself from a completely different angle. But before you explore this area, you can take a walk along the Duinpad, a street which runs parallel to the Zeedijk and the Brusselstraat. You will find a 1950s-style garden district there. A nostalgic street scene that originally defined the entire coastline, until the 1960s when densification and therefore high-rise buildings became necessary. High-rise buildings are now entirely absent along the second part of the Zeedijk too. From the Londenstraat, you will find a handful of detached villas, but enjoying the peace and space, dunes, nature and unobstructed views of the beach and sea is mainly what this place is for. Be sure to walk on to the end of the Zeedijk. There, you will find Icarus surfing club, the Beaufort artwork ‘De man die de boot zag, in de lucht’ (The man who saw the boat, in the air) and access to ‘De Fonteintjes’ dune area.


Zeedijk - , Brugge