Leuven (Louvain)

Louvain is without a doubt the number one student city in Belgium. Dozens of historic university buildings are spread all over the old city centre. As a result, you come across students everywhere, moving from one campus to another. Leuven can proudly boast the largest and oldest university in Belgium, founded as long ago as 1425. Notwithstanding its age and tradition, Leuven is always open to new ideas, which finds expression, amongst other things, in several remarkable architectural projects, such as the station, the ‘Stuk’ art centre, the Hoorn, the Depot, the Vaartkom district and the Museum M. All well worth a visit! And then there is Leuven, city of beer. With two breweries – Stella-Artois and Domus – located in the city centre and with several other traditional brewers nearby, there is no excuse not to relax for a few moments with a foaming pint. And what better place than on the Oude Markt (Old Market), possibly the world’s longest bar…

there is a direct train connection between Bruges and Leuven (journey time: 1 hour
and 28 minutes; www.belgianrail.be).

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