The oak forest that gave its name to Groeninge has disappeared, but thanks to a water pump, a small hidden canal and the cheerful clatter of hooves this ancient street is still oozing with charm. Groeninge meanders in the shadows of the Church of Our Lady, from the picturesque Hof Arents and Groeninge Museum to the Nieuwe Gentweg. Where a graceful swan guards a pump with the letters S.P.Q.B., classical Rome peeks around the corner. Senatus PopulusQue Brugensis means ‘the Senate and the people of Bruges’ and can be found on the Bruges coat of arms. Halfway, the Eekhoutrei treats you to a fine view of the water. Almost at the end of the street, a row of whitewashed modest one-room houses enchants with its simplicity. You will find a real almshouse around the corner in the Nieuwe Gentweg. And ... how many horse-drawn carriages passed you on the way?

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