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Article 1. Definitions

Within the context of these use conditions, the following terms have the following meanings:

  • SIGHTSEEING TOURS: A tourist activity, regardless of how it is experienced (touristic walk, ride, excursion, cruise . . .), that is offered in an organised manner and implemented while at the same time explanations or information are given about the city and its places of interest.
  • ORGANISER: The person, company, organisation or association, established in Bruges, that sets up and offers the SIGHTSEEING TOURS and coordinates their accompanying guides.
  • The INTERMEDIARY: Visit Bruges (City of Bruges).
  • CUSTOMER: Each user who, via the website of the City of Bruges, uses the WEB MODULE to book a SIGHTSEEING TOUR.
  • WEB MODULE: The digital platform that is used to present and sell online the offer of SIGHTSEEING TOURS. The digital platform manages the communication between the CUSTOMER and the ORGANISER for processing online bookings.
  • Gantner: Is the supplier (and exclusive rights holder) of the WEB MODULE by means of which the INTERMEDIARY concluded a contract.

Article 2. Terms and conditions of sale

The ORGANISER is responsible for accurately presenting the product data (description, availability, starting place, language(s) that will be used during the tour, total price) and the terms and conditions of sale in the WEB MODULE.

The price specified by the ORGANISER in the WEB MODULE shall be the total price, including all possible taxes, banking and transaction costs.

The payment made at the end of the booking process takes place directly between the ORGANISER and the CUSTOMER. The booking is definitive once the payment has been made. The CUSTOMER receives a confirmation thereof by e-mail. There is no possibility of reimbursement in the event of cancellation by the CUSTOMER.

Article 3. Guarantees

The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held liable for any slowdown and/or partial malfunction of the WEB MODULE. In such a case, the INTERMEDIARY will do everything in its power to bring this interruption to an end via Gantner, without the ORGANISER being entitled to any compensation due to such interruption.

The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held liable for the compatibility of the WEB MODULE with the hardware, software, information and data of the ORGANISER, or for the fact that the ORGANISER´s hardware, software, information or data are damaged or cannot be further used as a result of using the WEB MODULE.

The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held liable for any indirect, accidental or specific harm whatsoever that was caused by messages that were received or transactions that were initiated with the WEB MODULE.

Article 4. Liability

The INTERMEDIARY´s intervention is limited to the online placement of product data, availabilities, terms and conditions of sale and prices of the ORGANISER and passing the booking on to the ORGANISER via the WEB MODULE.

The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies in the information that the CUSTOMER has passed on to the ORGANISER via the WEB MODULE. The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held responsible by the CUSTOMER for erroneous or incomplete information provided by the ORGANISER.

The ORGANISER alone is responsible for the possible (non-)availability of a product or service that constitutes an element of the booking. The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held responsible for any harm deriving from such a non-availability.

The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held liable by the CUSTOMER for any shortcoming in the services provided by the ORGANISER. The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held responsible for any harm deriving from such a non-availability.

Complaints about shortcomings in the services provided by the ORGANISER and any demands for compensation must be addressed to the ORGANISER.

Article 5. Special provisions

The CUSTOMER agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the INTERMEDIARY against any liability, loss, claims and costs, including the fees for lawyers who intervene in the event that he/she violates these use conditions or the use of the WEB MODULE.

The CUSTOMER agrees to respect the conditions such as they are contained in the conditions for the INTERMEDIARY´s website. The CUSTOMER can consult these conditions on the webpage.

The personal data of CUSTOMERS to which the ORGANISER obtains access as a result of the use of the WEB MODULE may only be used to provide information relating to the booked SIGHTSEEING TOUR. For conducting active promotion or any other communication, the CUSTOMER´s authorisation must first be requested in accordance with the applicable GDPR regulations.

The INTERMEDIARY can/may change the conditions of use at any time by posting a revised version of these use conditions on its website. Changes enter into effect as soon as they appear on the website. The INTERMEDIARY is not obliged to inform the CUSTOMER of such changes. It is the CUSTOMER´s responsibility to regularly check the conditions of use in order to be kept informed of any changes. If the CUSTOMER continues to use the WEB MODULE, it is presumed that he/she has accepted the changes made.

The INTERMEDIARY can terminate the WEB MODULE or the use of this service at any time. Any questions of the CUSTOMER will be dealt with exclusively during the workdays.

Article 6: Right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal following payment. Therefore, the INTERMEDIARY does not accept cancellations after the CUSTOMER has paid. Tickets which have been purchased will not be refunded or exchanged by the INTERMEDIARY. There may be changes to the programme or times due to circumstances beyond the control of the INTERMEDIARY. Any changes made do not entitle the CUSTOMER to a refund or exchange. Refunds will only be given in case of cancellation on the part of the INTERMEDIARY or ORGANISER.