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Visser tot vork

Choose local fish from Belgian fishermen!

With the campaign “Fisherman to Fork! Eat local fish.", Flavourite Bruges, along with its partners: Province of West Flanders, Visit Bruges, VLAM, Rederscentrale (“Shipowners' Federation” - Recognised producer organisation and trade association of the Sea Fishery Shipowners), and Visgro vzw (the non-profit Professional Association for the Fishing Sector), is aiming to put "Local Fish", in the spotlight between 28 August and 1 October, thereby also supporting the local fishermen and fishing sector. To this end, 46 Bruges North Sea fishing ambassadors were selected.

Visit them between 28 August and 1 October and discover what our North Sea has to offer. Book a table with one of the participating chefs and taste their sublime creations with local fish species; or prepare "Local Fish" yourself, and buy it through our fishmongers and wholesalers. All the participants were selected based on sustainability. For example, gourmet chefs have committed to working exclusively with local fish species. The (fish) wholesalers and shipping companies are committed to the principles of fishery sustainability certification.

Various other activities will also be organised during the Fisherman to Fork month.

  • On 28 August, 6 Bruges fish ambassadors will prepare local fish. Come to the Vismarkt (Fish Market) from 1.00 p.m. to see several excellent cookery demonstrations.
  • Want to be creative with local fish? And are you a gifted amateur cook? On 16 September, you can take part in our amateur cooking competition and win fantastic prizes!
  • Would you like to enjoy some amazing culinary treats? Then come to the closing event in Zeebrugge on 1 October, where the fish ambassadors will make your mouths water with their most tantalising fish creations.

More information? Keep an eye on the Flavourite Bruges webpage!

Slotevent Visser tot Vork

Slotevent Visser tot Vork

16 talented chefs transform '"Visser tot Vork" into delicious dishes. Taste their passions, discover the stories behind our local seafood....
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Atelier Tête Pressée
Koningin Astridlaan 101, Brugge

Restaurant Réliva
Goezeputstraat 6, Brugge

Bistro Den Amand
St.Amandstraat 4, Brugge

Le Mystique
Niklaas Desparsstraat 11, Brugge

Tijdokstraat 16, Zeebrugge

Meestraat 9, Brugge

Locàle by Kok au Vin
Ezelstraat 21, Brugge

De Mangerie
Oude Burg 20, Brugge

De Jonkman
Maalse Steenweg 438, Sint-Kruis

La Tâche
Blankenbergsesteenweg 1, Brugge

Franco Belge
Langestraat 109, Brugge

Bistro Chrithie’k
Koolkerkse Steenweg 101, Brugge

Zeedijk 12, Zeebrugge

Lobster Pot
Sint-Salvatorskerkhof 14, Brugge

La Buena Vista
Sint-Clarastraat 43, Brugge

Laissez Faire
Scheepsdalelaan 12, Brugge

Restaurant Floris
Gistelse Steenweg 520, Sint-Andries

Smedenstraat 47, Brugge

Bistro Rombaux
Moerkerkse Steenweg 139, Sint-Kruis

Restaurant Patrick Devos
Zilverstraat 41, Brugge

Brasserie Surplace
Sint-Amandsstraat 24, Brugge

The Blue Lobster
Tijdokstraat 9, Zeebrugge

't Nieuw Walnutje
Walplein 3-4-5, Brugge

Het Visioen
Ropeerdstraat 11, Brugge

Philipstockstraat 45, Brugge

Zuid 55
Sint-Pieterszuidstraat 51, Brugge

Plaza Café (The Crowne Plaza)
Burg 10, Brugge

Sint-Amandsstraat 40, Brugge

Predikherenstraat 13, Brugge

Lio's Hospitality
Zonnekemeers, Brugge


Vishandel Pieterman
Gistelse Steenweg 121, Sint-Andries

Vishandel Vistje
Daverlostraat 81, Assebroek

Vishandel Saint-Pierre
Julius-Delaplacestraat 35, Sint-Kruis

Den Gouden Karpel
Vismarkt 9-10-11, Brugge