Conzettbrug (Conzett Bridge)

Rural and rustic charm. This is how you can describe the surroundings of this bridge for cyclists and pedestrians across the Coupure. If you crave tender greenery and bobbing pleasure boats, this is the place to be, but don't be alarmed if you have to stop for a passing yacht. The design is a souvenir of the 2002 Bruges Cultural Capital of Europe. The ambition of the cultural year was also to put Bruges on the map as a contemporary art city. The Swiss engineer Jürg Conzett subsequently opened up this part of the City Ramparts with his ingenious design. Four massive stone pillars support two steel tubes that span the water. The ultra-modern bridge surface can be effortlessly lifted into the air with the help of steel cables that coil up around the tubes. The locals too, were happy with the result. Since then, they no longer have to make a detour to cross the Coupure. 

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