A crossover of an impenetrable forest and a classic Roman colonnade. This is how you could describe the pavilion by Belgian architect duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh in Baron Ruzette Park. A bit mysterious too, so you should def-in-ite-ly go in. Crawl and clamber your way criss-crossing through the labyrinth of a hundred columns. Are you afraid? Are you getting disorientated the deeper you head into the dark forest? Or maybe you'll find yourself? This physical journey is an extremely personal experience. Purification and new insights are never far away. ‘Colonnade’ was designed for Triennial Bruges 2021 and was given a permanent place in this park. Triennial Bruges brings contemporary art and architecture to the historic inner city every three years. 

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vanaf 01-01-2022
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Baron Ruzettepark - , Brugge