To the north-east of Bruges lies the charming town of Damme. Until the silting up of the tidal inlet Zwin, Damme was the transhipment port of Bruges. To reach the literary home of Tijl Uilenspiegel (Owlglass), you drive straight along the banks of the Damse Vaart (Damme Canal), which is without doubt one of the most beautiful pieces of nature in all Belgium. The canal is lined with magnificent poplars, some of which are over 100 years old. Their windtwisted trunks add to the charm of the setting. You can also experience their beauty from the water. The nostalgic paddle steamer Lamme Goedzak travels leisurely and in style to and fro between the small medieval town and the Bruges’ Noorweegse Kaai (Norwegian Quay). And every second Sunday of the month, Damme is transformed into a book centre, as booksellers from near and far come together to display their wares!


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