Nnenna Okore (US/NG/AU) - And the World Keeps Turning

Triënnale Brugge 2021 - Poertoren - Nnenna Okore - And the World Keeps Turning

With 'And the World Keeps Turning', Nnenna Okore stretches a monumental piece of fabric around Bruges' Poertoren. Okore drew inspiration for her textile installation from the city's traditional red brick façades and lace-making technique. Her work draws all attention to the Poertoren's architectural form, an 18-metre-high late-medieval tower that once stored gunpowder. The layer applied to the stone building, resembling as a sort of second skin, comprises a series of rounded sheets made of weather-resistant PVC. These shapes are reminiscent of moving cells or organisms, temporarily altering the tower's appearance. Okore's installation is a beacon that reminds the city of its past, while taking up the challenge of the future.


Short bio

Nnenna Okore (°1975, Nsukka, living and working in Australia, Nigeria and Chicago) works mainly on abstract installations inspired by the textures, colours and landscapes of local environments. She relies on the use of everyday objects, which she re-purposes using repetitive and labour-intensive techniques, such as weaving, twisting, sewing, painting, waxing and rolling.

Nnenna Okore

> This installation is open 24/7.