Jon Lott (US) - The Bruges Diptych

Triënnale Brugge 2021 - The Bruges Diptych - Jon Lott

At Gouden-Handrei 14 - nearby the former studio and residence of painter Jan van Eyck - Jon Lott will install the pavilion 'The Bruges Diptych'. The architectural diptych arose from Lott's fascination with doppelgängers, both in human and architectural form. The pavilion was created by duplicating an existing rear façade and adding a copy of the original one. ‘The Bruges Diptych' also refers to the formal language used by the Flemish Primitives.

The construction connects the domestic with the public domain, the architect playing with the tension between interior and exterior. Lott plays on the idea of Bruges as a beautiful and idyllic backdrop, in which real life is taking place behind its façades, invisible to the naked eye. The pavilion is a place of discovery and inspiration. It also serves as the point of departure for the Triennial Bruges 2021 public programme.


Short bio

Jon Lott (°1976, San José, California, living and working in New York and Cambridge) is a designer and assistant-professor in architecture at Harvard University, Graduate School of Design. He founded PARA (project), an architectural firm, and co-founded Collective-LOK (CLOK), a cooperative as an outlet in which to exchange and shape architectural processes and challenges.

Jon Lott

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