Joanna Malinowska & C.T. Jasper (PL/US) - Who is afraid of Natasha?

Triënnale Brugge 2021 - Baron Ruzettepark - Joanna Malinowska & C.T. Jasper - Who is afraid of Natasha?

At the Begijnhof, Joanna Malinowska and C.T. Jasper hope to draw attention to a forgotten monument from the Polish city of Gdynia with their piece 'Who is afraid of Natasha?'. Natasha is the nickname of a statue that stood on a square in Gdynia for many years. Following the end of the Soviet era, the statue was moved to a less visible spot in the city. A personification of a regime that would come to symbolize oppression, the monument was considered an eyesore by many of Gdynia's residents. However, for Joanna Malinowska, Natasha also serves as a snapshot, a remnant of a bygone era evoking many memories.

Together with C.T. Jasper, she is now bringing Natasha to Bruges. Visitors will get to know more about this anonymous woman through the combination of a replica statue and a film, both giving her a new background and bringing her to life, albeit for a short while. 


Short bio

The work of Joanna Malinowska (°1972, Gdynia, Poland, living and working in New York) lies on the crossroads between anthropology and art history. She creates sculptures, installations and films. By highlighting similarities between different cultures, she aims to bridge the gap between them. She actively investigates the concept of collective awareness – when comparable ideas emerge in different parts of the world despite no direct interaction or influence. Cultural heritage and a hint of politics commonly motivate her methods. She often works with fellow collaborator C.T. Jasper, who is also from Poland.

Joanna Malinowska & C.T. Jasper

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