Héctor Zamora (MX) - Strangler

Triënnale Brugge 2021 - Gezellehuis - Héctor Zamora - Strangler

Héctor Zamora is exhibiting his work 'Strangler' at the Gezellehuis's walled garden, where he is erecting industrial scaffolding around a large solitary Austrian pine tree. This particular tree reminded him of the 'ceibo', a tropical tree species found in the Amazon rainforest that enjoys sacred status, usually surrounded by invasive creepers.

Like a vine wrapping itself around a tree, the tension between man and nature is palpable in this work. Zamora imitates the creepers' natural entanglement through human intervention by the use of scaffolding. As you climb the scaffolding, the circular walk will allow you to experience the tree's trunk and crown in a completely new light. Those who reach the top are rewarded with an alternative view of the city, the tree and maybe even themselves.


Short bio

The work of Héctor Zamora (°1974, Mexico City, living and working in Lisbon and Mexico City) causes eternal friction between the roles of public and private, indoor and outdoor, organic and geometric, wild and methodical, real and imaginary. As a performance artist, he creates situations in which active participation is required from viewers and visitors, in performances, installations or films. He often uses everyday materials and, in doing so, questions their obvious purpose.

Héctor Zamora

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