Hans Op de Beeck (BE) - Danse Macabre

Triënnale Brugge 2021 - Walburgakerk - Hans Op de Beeck - Danse Macabre

With 'Danse Macabre', Hans Op de Beeck presents a full-scale carousel on Sint-Maartensplein. The installation is monochrome in colour with grey tones, giving the appearance that the horses and carriages have been fossilised. On this carousel, time appears to have frozen. The mechanics have ground to a halt and any joy appears to have vanished. Static, silent and monolithic. It is a nostalgic fairground attraction with a haunting quality, caught between a dream and a nightmare, both strange and melancholic. Do the horses go up and down in your imagination? Can you hear the organ playing? Can you smell candyfloss? Or can you only see a still image pointing to a human need for entertainment?


Short bio

Hans Op de Beeck (°1969, Turnhout, living and working in Brussels) is a master of all kinds of different artistic media. He makes sculptures, monumental installations, drawings, watercolours, photos, videos, cartoons, films, music and texts. His work is a reflection of today's complex society and alludes to universal human questions about meaning, purpose and mortality. He treats the human being as a creature that presents the world around it in a tragicomic manner. He also aims to invite the spectator to truly experience the image in a perception-oriented and sensory way. He creates a type of visual fiction that causes a moment of amazement and introspection.

Hans Op de Beeck

> This installation is open 24/7.