Gregor Schneider (DE) - BLACK LIGHTNING

Triënnale Brugge 2021 - Grootseminarie - Gregor Schneider - BLACK LIGHTNING

For his installation ' BLACK LIGHTNING ', Gregor Schneider chose Grootseminarie church as its backdrop. Yet, when you enter his architectural work, you find yourself walking through a dark corridor completely cut off from this unique ecclesiastical location's interior. The corridor leads you zigzagging through darkness, stimulating numerous senses. Visitors are left to their own devices, with a focus on solitude and transformation. ' BLACK LIGHTNING ' is a profoundly sensitive experience that also encourages visitors to interact with one another.


Short bio

Gregor Schneider (°1969, living and working in Rheydt) combines a minimum of imagery with building architecture and a city's symbolic elements. Fear and imagination dwell in the rooms, cellars, containers and corridors where visitors wander, sometimes making you wonder whether you are a spectator, a participant or an intruder.

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