Amanda Browder (US) - Happy Coincidences

Triënnale Brugge 2021 - Verversdijk - Amanda Browder - Happy Coincidences

Amanda Browder creates large textile installations in collaboration with local residents, whom she involves throughout her creative process. A place's rich history or a walk through its different neighbourhoods serve as her main sources of inspiration, as are any personal stories shared during moments of co-creation.

The first phase of her projects involve the collection of textiles. During the second phase, Amanda works with local volunteers to organise and sew these textiles together. In Bruges, the fabrics were also photographed to create a digital collage. The overall aim is to involve people in the unique experience of creation and, above all, to discover that creating a work of art together - regardless of any prior experience - can prove a positive experience. Finally, the textile installation is installed in the chosen public space. With vibrant colours and playful patterns, the scope of what had previously been private (individually donating fabric or helping out during the 'sewing days') changes to a public and accessible work of art, respectfully integrating itself into the city's historical and social fabric.

‘Happy Coincidences’ connects the present with the past in a sublime manner. The textile installation intended for the Verversdijk is a reference to the dyers who used the Reie during the Middle Ages to dye Flemish cloth. The abstract work came to life in collaboration with the people of Bruges. The result can be viewed at the Verversdijk as a digital collage and through a series of banners that will appear in varied locations across the city.


Short bio

Amanda Browder (°1976, Missoula, Montana, living and working in New York) is famous for her large-scale textile installations in public spaces within urban environments. Every sculptural installation is made of material that has been gathered and donated, sorted together with local communities and sewn together. These giant sewing projects are always construed for a specific location and built based on Amanda's impressions of the urban context, tales from participants and snippets of history.

Amanda Browder - © Mikayla Whitmore

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