Authentic bars in Bruges to sit and relax

Even though I’m not the strongest lover of pubs and bars, I fell in love with a few drinking places in Bruges. Not really because of the food or drinks they offer but because of the typical atmosphere and the authentic interior. Here's my selection:

't Poatersgat

A bar popular among locals and a bit hard to locate. The first time I visited it, I was convinced it was situated in the basement of a church, but on my second visit I realized it's part of an adjacent house.
The bar has lot of variety of beers, but I like it more because of the fun time I had it there. It reminds me of the typical atmosphere you find in Irish pubs. We played darts, football, danced and of course sat down to enjoy a local beer.
The interior creates an atmosphere of coziness, and is one of the places to meet after work. (Vlamingstraat 82)

Books & Brunch

In Bruges there are dozens of tearooms and coffeebars. They are all cozy, but I personally was impressed by this small literature café where you can eat breakfast or lunch, drink coffee or tea while reading one of the thousands of books that are part of the interior. This is really the place to be for booklovers, as all the books are for sale as well. The owner is a very kind man, who really cares about quality and a personal service. This placed thrilled me. (Garenmarkt 30)

De Garre

I don't know how people manage to find this bar, because it is literally hidden in the smallest street of town. The bar is a discovery for those who love Belgian beers, in the beautiful and authentic setting of a historic building. (De Garre 1)

De Garre


The Monk

This bar is near the City Theatre. It's a quiet and peaceful place where you can relax, enjoy the serene and enchanting view of Bruges, the towers and the Theatre nearby. In general, the place is crowded with people like me - who like to sit in silence for most of the time. Cozy, cute, chic and glossy. And you can play pool! I’ve never seen big crowds, even though there are many people. But they keep calm. Seriously. Maybe because uncle Monk is watching them? (Vlamingstraat 37)

The Monk



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