Djamil Zenasni Best addresses

In the late Middle Ages, Bruges was a cosmopolitan city and a melting pot of goods and nationalities. Today too, Bruges keeps with the times and is still commercially and culturally prominent. Many foreigners feel at home here and have since become real Bruges experts.  Their knowledge also includes the local range of good, established shops and trendy, young businesses. We would like to share some of their favourite addresses with you.

Djamil Zenasni is born in Oran (Algeria), came first to Brussels via France, but has been living in Bruges since 1985. Here are his best addresses:

Depot d’O

I make most things for myself. But if there is something ‘extra’ I need, then I know that Kurt’s is the place to look. Depot d’O is the address for lovers of vintage design and quirky bits and pieces. If you can think of it, you can probably find it here.

Ridderstraat 21, tel. +32 (0)495 23 65 95, www.depotdo.be

Galerie Thomas Serruys

Are you looking for that once-in-a-lifetime piece of vintage design you know you’ve got to have as soon as you see it? You are? Then Thomas Serruys is guaranteed to have it. A store that knows precisely what makes things timeless – and irresistible.

Keersstraat 2, tel. +32 (0)477 92 43 68, www.thomasserruys.com


Maud Bekaert

To call Maud Bekaert a letter-cutter is to do her an injustice. This outwardly frail-looking young craftswoman wields her hammer and chisel with a remarkable firmness and flexibility, creating wonderfully sculpted calligraphy in natural stone, concrete and metal. This is the place to come if you want a really super-original present.

Sint-Clarastraat 40, tel. +32 (0)475 26 95 58, www.maudbekaert.be

Patisserie Academie

Tom Van Loock learnt his patisserie skills in De Karmeliet, a former star-rated restaurant. After a few years, he opened his own shop, a pure pleasure temple where only perfection is good enough. His cakes are so deliciousthat you want to eat them as soon as you are back on the street! Tom swears by traditional methods and a personal approach – and you can taste it in the end product.

Vlamingstraat 56, tel. +32 (0)50 68 92 91, www.patisserieacademie.be


Quicke has been a byword for fashion in Bruges for more than 118 years, but also attracts fashionistas from all over the world. And with good reason. Its top-quality shoes and bags are always well ahead of the trends and last for years and years without losing any of their elegant refinement. A store for ladies who want to score.

Zuidzandstraat 21-23, tel. +32 (0)50 33 23 00, www.quicke.be



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