The best wine bars, Bruges Wine Shops

In excellent locations, both close to the canal and in the very heart of the town, there are opportunities to explore wines from all over the world. Plenty to please the crowds of tourists, there is something to suit all tastes, and in all shades (especially from white to red).

This is a very partial list - just my 3 favourite wine bars where Bacchus is celebrated every evening, to add a little more charm and inebriation to your getaway to Bruges.


There are some places in Bruges one tries jealously to keep entirely for oneself, and the Bar Jus is very much one of these. It is the type of wine bar one might discover by chance, off the beaten track in a Bruges side street. It is an unusual place, setting out to bewitch anyone wishing to escape the tourist crowds and enjoy a glass of good wine in congenial company. The room is small and cosy, and the custodian who welcomes you (who is also the bar manager) can advise you about the packed list of top quality wines. This is certainly a place to go for a reunion of people who enjoy the good things in life.

A bit hungry? The cooking matches the quality wine. Settle down to enjoy the generous aperitifs and home-cooked dishes with tasty bread. The best advice is to choose a plate of charcuterie or cheese, and allow “carte blanche” to the cellar staff. You’ll be in good hands!

2. BLEND Bar

The bar also acts as the cellar, offering a variety of refined and exotic wines (from South Africa, Spain or Italy). Tall, elegant, wood-framed displays allow room for an inspiring and tempting range of bottles.

The small bar fills up very quickly, and despite the busy atmosphere, the staff are all very friendly and ready to listen to every customer. Let them guide you with suggestions for the current best wines, at still very affordable prices.

I have to recommend you try the croquettes and the tapas (tested and approved personally), which I think are quite simply amazing.

There is still a vast range to explore and to taste in this lovely little bar (with some 350 bottles on sale), a good excuse to invite friends to go back there for a friendly evening of delicious treats.

3. Riesling & Pinot Wine Bar – Wine Shop

Located at the corner of the Hoogstraat, this newly opened bar, with its trendy, tasteful décor will not fail to charm you. I have kept this one in reserve, since its somewhat romantic, intimate atmosphere sets it apart from the two other cellars, along with its completely original wine list.  It offers only the very best German Riesling and Pinot wines. You might be saying: Just those?

But I have to admit that I never imagined finding such a diverse range of wines on this list, from scented whites to really voluptuous red elixirs, with heavy tannin.  And although prices do not suit every purse, the experience is certainly worth the money.

From some fine mature wines dating from 1999, to the most recent, there is something for every taste and every aspiration.


Don’t hang about – grab your best mate and head to Bruges to quench your thirst with a glass of red, rosé or white wine. Save yourself the trouble of booking a restaurant by letting the various generous and exquisite dishes and tapas on offer tempt you instead. On the other hand, if you are only passing through, or just want to spend a while longer in the restaurant, try taking a bottle home with you! Wine of course. A little wine never hurt nobody. Your health!