Music for life pt.1 : Exclusive Drums by Dirk Defauw

Music is here with us ever since the beginning. And it is not just about singing, dancing and concerts, but also about the instruments. And these instruments need to be made by someone. I had the luck and honour to meet a few people in Bruges which are making handmade music instruments. Three men, three incredible stories. Here’s part one of this series, about Dirk Defauw and his Exclusive Drums.

Dirk Defauw (Exclusive Drums)

Drummer Dirk Defauw started his career making furniture and other wooden stuff for the interior decoration of shops. After a few years he came up with the idea to make his own wooden drums. Now Dirk owns a huge building with several parts in the north of the city (definitely worth a visit on the address below!) and he’s still expanding it.  

The main entrance is equipped with a sofa and a table so far, but in Dirk’s future plans there is a bar where people can just sit and relax.
The next part of the building is the shop (open every day between 10 and 6pm) where you can see all of the amazing work Dirk is doing. You can buy your drums here  and see the whole process of making the instrument in the pictures on the walls. 
Next to the shop is the workroom, where the drums are born. Dirk is using massive wood to make them. 

The last room is situated upstairs and consists of three studios for training and recording individual musicians or bands. Every studio has its own special properties, is fully designed by Dirk and is available from morning till night. 

The fourth studio is empty for now, Dirk is planning to use this room as a place for drum workshop. But the work he’s done so far here is absolutely amazing. 

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact him at or visit him at Pathoekeweg 34c (8000 Brugge).