How to fall in love with Bruges ?

Blog geschrieben von Lucia Dochita / Romania / Traveler

For me it was love at first sight while holding the hand of my beloved.  The first time I visited Bruges I went to a park called Koningin  Astridpark. It is located in the center of the city and even though it is one of the most visited parks, it is a cozy and lovely place. The fountain, the tiny lake, the kiosk and the beautiful swans, all of this turned my walk into the perfect date! The best thing about Bruges are the swans.

Swans- by Lucia Dochita

They can be spotted near lakes, in the parks, on the water, everywhere. There is  something majestic about them that turns them into adorable creatures.  And they made me admire this town. I never believed that getting lost in Bruges would result in discovering a castle. But it did.  It happened when I was trying to locate a shop and I was convinced to be better than Google Maps. Unfortunately I am not. While pedaling, I nearly got out on the highway. After turning on the GPS, I entered a forest with beautiful views and after a time I found a castle surrounded by mesmerizing wildflowers. I was so thrilled that I needed to call my hubby and let him know that I was a princess and that we were going to act like royalties. Browsing the internet I found out it's named the “Kasteel Tudor”, built in 1904 in neo-gothic style with a flowery ornamental garden and one of the last castles in Bruges.

Tudor- by Lucia Dochita

Wandering back in the city I came across “Gouden-Handrei”. This is the name of a watercourse and a street here in Bruges. While admiring the canal and the beautiful houses along the water, I started daydreaming about my husband and me going on a midnight boat tour and him singing “Santa Lucia” to me. This is what Bruges did to me, it made me rediscover my inner romantic side. How can you not love Bruges? It has the perfect ingredients to make you love, to be in love and to keep the fire burning in your hearts for as long as forever.