Covid-19 – Corona update on sightseeing tours

UPDATE 10/05/2021

Would you like to go on a guided city tour? This is possible in the following situations:

  • Outdoor guided activities  are permitted: with a maximum of 25 people aged over 12. This means a guided activity with 1 guide and 24 people is permitted. Children aged 12 and below are not counted.
  • Children and young people in an organised leisure capacity: for a maximum of 25 young people up to 18 years of age, not including the accompanying persons.
  • For children and young people in school, limited to the class group.

Guided activities inside are not allowed, except for children up to 12 years of age.

In order to make the guided tour safe and comfortable, the following rules apply:

  • Do not take part in the guided tour if you or someone you live with has symptoms of coronavirus.
  • During the tour, stay 1.5 metres away from anyone outside your 'bubble'.
  • Wearing a face mask is always compulsory in busy areas of the city.
  • Do not touch any objects during the tour and carefully follow the guide's instructions.