Corona measures Zeebrugge

Zeebrugge´s beach is ´open´ once again for beachgoers and cabin holders, but …. safety first!

A day on the beach in Zeebrugge? Great idea! But keep it safe and respect the measures that the City has adopted in the fight against the coronavirus:


  • It´s okay to sunbathe and play on the broad beach, or dip your toe in the water. But do so only together with the people you live with under the same roof, or who belong to your "bubble".

  • Wearing a face mask on the Zeedijk (sea wall) is no longer mandatory. Make sure you always have a face mask with you if necessary.

  • You must maintain the necessary distance everywhere on the beach. Use of the beach and beach cabins is allowed under specific conditions. The beach cabin may only be used by people who live together under the same roof or who form a social bubble in accordance with the description and numbers defined by the National Security Council.

    A beach screen always has to be installed between two cabins, with a minimum height of one metre and a minimum length of two metres. The social distancing rules must always be complied with both around the beach cabins and on the beach.  
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