Bruges, Sounds great !

Bruges, that is enjoying beautiful cityscapes, breathtaking art treasures and culinary delights. But did you know that Bruges sounds great too? That it is the home of one of Europe's best concert halls, an internationally renowned early music festival and an award-winning orchestra? Discover here the range of Concertgebouw Brugge, MAfestival and Anima Eterna Brugge for top class, all year round. Bruges? Sounds Great!

  • Concert calendar

    Coming events in Concertgebouw.

  • Concertgebouw (Concert Hall)
    today: closed

    The Concertgebouw Brugge aims to be a world-class venue for music and contemporary dance. With the permanent opening of the building, and a rich array of inter-disciplinary activities, it is also a place for literature, architecture, the visual arts and sound art. 

  • Cathedral concerts

    That the Bruges Cathedral organ is nearly three centuries old comes as no surprise, but that it plays the lead role in the Cathedral concerts is remarkable. Time to listen to a piece of heritage.

  • Carillon

    Carillons and Bruges are inseparable. Their ringing bells still regulate the city’s heartbeat.

  • Concertgebouw Circuit
    today: closed

    An original experience route leads you on a voyage of discovery through this wonderful building.  Learn about its day-to-day running and be amazed by its outstanding acoustics.

  • A celebration of the Belgian city's rich musical life

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