City Film Office Bruges

The City Film Office is managed by the City of Bruges and comes under the Bruges Tourist Office. Its goal is to promote Bruges as a city of culture and a tourist destination by offering assistance to audiovisual productions.

The Bruges City Film Office is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International. www.afci.org

City Film Office can assist you in word and deed :

We will gladly

  • take care of your filming permit 
  • assist you with location scouting 
  • introduce you to our local partners 
  • coordinate contacts between the different municipal departments
  • offer logistic support where possible

Plan your visit

The City Film Office is happy to help you put together your press visit, make the necessary arrangements, provide assistance on the day, etc.

Are you a journalist or news agency and is your production intended for journalistic media, then please contact the Flanders Tourism office in your country first. The list can be found on our page of useful addresses. Our press officers abroad are best placed to keep you informed of important events, press trips, etc. now and in future. They will forward your request to us.

You will need a filming permit when your production activities require the use of a public road (such as to install lights, generators, cables, decor, technical vehicles etc.) or in the event of specific requests, such as keeping parking places free, use of municipal buildings, police assistance, holding up traffic etc. Tripods are not taken into account here. The detailed application must reach us one month before the shooting period

There is a mandatory reporting duty if your production does not impinge on a public road, i.e. filming is done with a handheld camera without further implications for the public road. In those cases, it is enough to complete the registration form prior to starting the shooting period.

If in doubt, please contact our film office.


t. +32 50 44 46 55

f. +32 50 44 46 45


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