City Film Office Bruges

The Bruges City Film Office falls under the direction of Tourism Bruges. Its aim is to promote and support the image of Bruges as a destination for culture and tourism by supporting audio-visual projects in the city.

The City Film Office Bruges can help with:

  • Obtaining a film permit
  • Finding a film location
  • Establishing contacts with local partners
  • Smooth coordination between different municipal departments
  • Logistical support where possible

There is a reporting requirement if your production has no impact on a public road, i.e. if filming uses a handheld camera only without further implications for the public highway. It is sufficient to complete the notification form before the start of the filming period.

You will need a filming permit if your production requires the use of public road (e.g. for installing lights, generators, cables, decor, technical vehicles etc.) or if you have specific requests, such as keeping car parks clear, using municipal buildings, holding up traffic, using drones, etc. The completed application form must reach us one month before filming. 

-        For photo reporting or film footage with a purely commercial purpose, a daily tax is due. In 2019, the rate is € 1050/day (see article 10 of the tax regulation on the use of the public highway)

-        Conditions apply to the use of drones:

  • Only drones registered under Belgian law may be used.
  • The operator must have a Belgian licence.
  • Footage is limited as to height and location.
  • The flights have been reported to and authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • A take-off and landing permit is required from the City of Bruges.

  • * Private / recreational use of drones (max. take-off mass < 1 kg, without aircraft registration and pilot certificate) is not allowed on the public domain. If you fly on private property that is not your property, you need permission from the owner.

-        The approval of the harbour captain (MBZ) is required for filming in the harbour area. The application form for the deployment of RPAS/drones can be found here.


In the event of doubt, please contact us on:
050 44 46 70


The City Film Office Bruges is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (www.afci.org). 

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