To Bruges

From the UK you travel to Bruges by ferry or by Eurotunnel:

Hull (UK) – Zeebrugge (B) with P&O Ferries. (crossing: 12h00). Take the N31 from Zeebrugge to Brugge. Estimated distance Zeebrugge – Brugge is 17km or 11miles (30min driving).

Dover (UK) – Dunkerque (F) with DFDS Seaways (crossing: 2h00). Take the motorway E40 to Brugge. Estimated distance Dunkerque – Brugge is 76km or 47 miles (1h driving).

Dover (UK) – Calais (F) with P&O Ferries or DFDS Seaways (crossing: 1h30). Estimated distance Calais – Brugge is 120km or 75 miles (1h30 driving).

Folkestone (UK) – Calais (F) via Eurotunnel (35min). Estimated distance Calais – Brugge is 120km or 75 miles (1h30 driving).

In Bruges

The entire city centre is a zone 30 area, which means that cars may never exceed 30km/hour.

Between 09:00 a.m. and 08:00 p.m. surface level parking in the city centre is limited in time (4 hours maximum) and is metered (€ 1.80 for the first hour, € 2.40 for the second up to the fouth hour, in total € 9.00 for 4 hours. ). Payment can be made either via sms, or using the app 4411, or making use of your bank card, or using cash money. In the “Blue Zone” (the designated area surrounding the city centre) you may park for up to four hours without charge. Don’t forget you still need to display your parking disk! NB: these parking regulations will be in place year-round, including Sundays and holidays. Click here for more information about parking in Bruges or here for a PDF.

Parking is unlimited and most cost-effective at one of the two central car parks: Centrum-Station (railway station) (€ 0.70/hour and € 3.50/24 hours) and Centrum-’t Zand (€ 1.20 for the first hour and € 8.70/24 hours). Both are situated within walking distance of the city centre, but you can also use the bus transfer with ‘De Lijn’ between the parking Centrum-Station and the city centre (included in your parking fee for 4 passengers). You can consult all parking spaces here.

If you’re staying in Bruges, ask about the parking facilities at your accommodation in advance. 

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