Camping cars

In Bruges it is forbidden to spend the night in motorhomes, camping trailers, tents and the like on public roads, in the woods, dunes or on the beach, except in specially designated areas. Overnight stays are permitted at two authorised campsites for vehicles: one is at the Kanaaleiland and the other is Camping Memling.

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are not permitted in the inner city. Camper vans of less than 3.5 tonnes may park in the inner city anywhere where it is not specifically forbidden. In paid parking areas, vehicles may not park outside the designated spaces. Outside the inner city, camper vans may park anywhere except for places where it is specifically forbidden or places which are reserved for particular categories of vehicle (e.g. by the R30 ring road between Gentpoort and Kruispoort, by the Speelpleinlaan ramp).

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